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Digital manufacturing sheet metal processing intelligence brought new innovations

"Refer to sheet metal processing technology revolution, AMDA has a say" Gu Diou proudly stated: "as the world of sheet metal processing equipment industry innovator, pioneered AMADA CNC turret punch press, opens the first revolution of sheet metal processing, mold can be combined at will according to customer demand, greatly enhance the process efficiency. Then pioneered AMADA laser machine, once again opens the second revolution of sheet metal processing, the Advanced laser processing technology into the sheet metal industry. 90 the development and manufacture of 21st century intelligent automatic sheet metal processing center for intelligent processing of sheet metal industry in the world sets a precedent has been Japan the highest technological invention award. Nowadays, AMADA key promotion is a compound machine, CNC punching, laser machining, tapping, and two deal with set blanking engineering manpower and equipment, throughout the blanking process could be completed in just one device. With the automatic sorting system can be automatically processed parts sorting, automatic stacking of frame material, can be directly transferred to the subsequent processes such as bending and welding, greatly enhance customer process efficiency, and reduce the error of repositioning. "

It is understood that around the digital manufacturing, AMADA innovation VPSS manufacturing structure is proposed. Whether it is 2D or 3D data, you can automatically map, and punching, bending through machining simulation and automatic programming, online preparation processing site was taken offline preparation, improve operation efficiency is realized, and for operators of low demand. To cope with customer facing environments change, past the further escalation of the VPSS, programmes in support of 21st century digital fabrication shop is VPSS3i. VPSS3i in the, read customer of products model, making sheet metal gold full process processing model, automatically simulation sheet metal gold process of processing method, and processing way, and mold selected,, its effect is can generated without manufacturing site heavy for or amendment of program, in further improve efficiency, and reduced cost of premise Xia, also can provides more high of additional value, help customer in not change processing quotes of premise Xia get doubled of interests.