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Synchro work principle

The principle of control Synchro

Working principle of control Synchro can be illustrated by the picture on the left. Diagram from structure, parameters are the same as two Synchro mechanism since the whole corner unit. A signal used to send angle, its on the excitation winding is receiving AC power, known as the Synchro transmitter, ZKF said. Another received corner and corner signals into signals excitation winding of induction electromotive force output, called the Synchro receiver, ZKJ said. Two Synchro full step in the stator windings are star-shaped, three-phase winding of the phase sequence of the same loop, respectively.

In the Synchro transmitter excitation winding into AC current, two Synchro will have a fluctuating magnetic field in the air gap, the size changes over time according to the law of cosines. Pulsating magnetic field the Synchro transmitter full winding of the phase windings on the build time of induction electromotive force, electromotive force depends on the size of the whole step of winding the winding axis relative to the axis of the excitation winding position. When a phase winding in a synchronizing winding axis and the field winding axis coincide, the winding of the induced EMF is the maximum value, used EFm for electromotive force of maximum value.