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Anhui Yawei Machine Tool Manufacturing Co.,Ltd

China AHYW CNC Press Brakes, Guillotine Shearing Machines and CNC Metal Fiber Laser Cutting Machines Manufactures, suppliers, factory in China
Add: Pingqiao Industrial Area, Bowang, Maanshan, Anhui, China
Cel: 0086-15955558219, 15955559207
Fax: 0086-555-2325560
Skype: amyxu851101

Recommend routes:
1. Airport: We can pick up you at Nanjing Lukou International Airport , it will take half an hour by car from that airport to our company.
2. G-Train station: We can pick up you at Nanjing South station. It will take about 50 minutes from this station to our company by car.

China Yawei 3 axis cnc metal plate bending machines factory

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  • Yawei CNC Hydraulic Press Brake Machine-100T

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  • DA41S Hydraulic Press Brake Machines-80T2500

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