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AHYW 4 Axis CNC Pressbrakes Auto Back Gauge

AHYW 4 Axis CNC Pressbrakes Auto back gauge

AHYW 6 axis cnc press brake machines is designed with 6 axis CNC controlled auto program function,

 it included Y1&Y2 left&right press brake cylinders

 X CNC controlled pressbrake back gauge, pressbrake fingers can move from forward to backward

 R axis cnc controlled auto pressbrake gauge, pressbrake fingers can move upward&downward

 Z1&Z2 axis cnc auto controlled pressbrake backgauge means press fingers can move from left to right moving on dual linear guide

4 axis cnc back gauge.jpg

AHYW 6 axis cnc press brake Yawei manufactures amde in China

AHYW 6 axis cnc press brake 4m cnc auto bending machines made in China



AHYW 4axis cnc controlled auto press brake back guage standard with Japan Yaskawa servo motor and drive system


AHYW CNC Pressbrakes 6 axis auto bending machines with DELEM DA66T 2D 17 inch full touch screen CNC Pressbrake controller


Any details or specific information required for AHYW Yawei 6 axis cnc pressbrake machines, please send email to

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AHYW machine included AHYW Hydraulic Guillotine Shears Cutting machines, AHYW NC&CNC Hydraulic Pressbrakes, AHYW Yawei Hybrid pressbrakes, AHYW CNC Fiber Laser Cutting machines.

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