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AHYW 4mtr Metal Variable Rake Guillotine Shears

AHYW 4mtr Metal Variable Rake Guillotine Shears Yawei manufactures made in China

When you are looking for one metal shears for your sheet cuting job, you may feel there are so many shears in market, which kind of sheet metal shears cutting machine is the best choice for my cutting job?

Yes, it's really have many options in the metal shears suppliers, mainly included mechanical shears, hydraulic swing beam shears with fixed cutting angles, hydraulic variable rake angle cutting shears.

Mechanical shears normally suit for thin plate cutting, as mechanical don't have enough power to cutting thick sheet metal, normally we recommed mechinical metal shears with Max metal cutting capacity 6mm mild steel plate shears.

Swing beam shears is fixed cutting angle design, which means the sheet shears machine make the same cutting angle when you cutting mild steel from 1mm to 8mm when you are operating one 8mm metal shears, you can adjust the blades gap by hand accordting to different cutting meterial, but you can not change the cutting angle due to sheet metal swing shears design, like housing knife, but the cutting angle definitely influence the cutting edges and full performance, especially when you need to cutting metal sheet over 12mm mild steel plate, Variable rake guillotine shears will be better than swing beam shears.

AHYW Sheet metal guillotine shears with variable rake cutting angles design, operators can adjust cutting angle according to different plate cutting thickness, also can adjust cuting blades gap as well.  QC11K NC 6mm hydraulic Guillotine shears is one vertical metal cutting shears, we think sheet metal vertical cutting is much better than swing beam cutting, especially when the top blades approaching the cutting end, swing beam metal shears sometimes can cutting the end plate with extruding force and the plate will be easily deflected when cutting thick metal plate with narrow width.

ESTUN made E21 NC controller for AHYW variable rake metal shears

NC motorized ball screw and linear guide back gauge with retracting functions

CNC auto lubrication system for metal hydraulic VR guillotine shears Yawei made in China manufactures

German Bosch Rexroth hydraulic valves for standard AHYW sheet vaiable guillotine shears

Front support and feeding metal cutting table with rollers

AHYW China made 6mm sheet metal cutting shears can cutting 6mm mild steel plate with 4m cutting length, metal cutting width can up to 1000mm with longer ball screw and linear guide positioning back gauge, also you can cutting 3mm stainless steel plate with 4m shears length.  AHYW 6m varaible rake guillotine cutting shears is one hydraulic power metal shears, you can cutting 0.5mm metal sheet, but we recommend customer to use pneumatic sheet support when cutting 0.5mm to 4mm thin plate, the support will hold on the thin material when top baldes cutting down, then the thin material won't deformed when down and will follow with cutting action, it really did the help.

If your budget is no concerns, it's better to buy AHYW CNC metal variable rake guillotine shears, AHYW can use DELEM DAC360 full cnc controlled metal  shears controller, it's cnc auto cutting angle, cnc auto cutting length, CNC auto cutting blades gap, CNC auto cutting stroke, metal shears operator just need to enter the specific sheet metal material, then AHYW CNC Variable rake guillotine cutting machines all axis can be positioned automatically, operator then depress pedal and finish the cutting action.

All CNC controllers are all available, guillotine shears cnc controller same working status when compared with CNC pressbrakes, AHYW can design shet metal torsion bar pressbrake bending machines, which can meet the parallel with 2 cylinders by mechanical force with torsion bar design, and bending machine's operator need to skilled calculation of bending depth when need to bending 90 degree,120 degree of bending sheet; CNC metal bending brakes only need to enter metal sheet's parameters and final bending angle, even with 2D graphical color cnc pressbrake controller, operator can make the draft drawing or 2D drawing on controller directly  or you can make the drawings and sheet profiles bending sequence on offline software,then upload it to CNC controller and execute the bending prgrams.

AHYW lunched new Hybird pressbrakes for bending metal sheet, you can find them on following links:

If you are looking for sheet metal cutting shears and metal pressbrake bending machines from China suppliers, AHYW can help to choose the best suitable sheet metal working machines for your metal fabrication jobs!


Metal swing beam shears or Metal variable Guillotine shears?

Torsion bar conventional bending machines or CNC synchro servo controlled pressbrakes?

Drop us one email, you will know the sheet metal fabricating solution very soon?