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Industrial 4.0 age: Trumpf laser-how to build a sheet metal manufacturing intelligent plant?

During the technology fair, Trumpf Group's new philosophy TruConnect became a highlight show. Technique TruConnect and industrial 4.0 with you to attract many guests to the engagement of the future. TruConnect concept introduces and demonstrates the audience intuitively feel the Trumpf for the industrial production of networked, intelligent management, business digital innovation support. Trumpf staff pointed out that "TruConnect is not a machine, not a software, it is a comprehensive interpretation of the Trumpf group for industrial 4.0. Catch-all TruConnect breaking the traditional methods of production management, establishment of new business models in the field of industry, production and service modes, for China's manufacturing enterprises to build intelligent factory of the future ". Lecture introduces TruConnect technology and product advantage, and Trumpf has merged the latest sensor technology of new generation equipment, you can get device status and real-time processing for the production of interactive providing a reliable source of information. TruTops Fab implementation of mobile terminal equipment and production management information to collect, compile and process, company managers can understand the production status in real time. Meanwhile, TruTops Fab also achieved the fastest e-commerce model, by building a customer database, easy account management and the establishment of a new order. It includes a Center for intelligent cost estimation, build according to different customers, estimated production costs of providing references, as the user's quick preliminary and provide the support. From production management to e-commerce, TruConnect for manufacturing companies to provide "industrial 4.0" best model.

2015 manufacturing industry is facing multiple crises, problems such as overcapacity, rising labor costs on traditional manufacturing industry structure optimization, transformation and upgrading of the road. To speed up the transition from traditional manufacturing to high-tech industry, laser technology because of its efficient, cost-effective and gradually become a cutting-edge industry technology of choice. In the field of laser technology, Trumpf is based on "industrial 4.0" is the core concept, from the "Internet of things" and "Internet services" two aspects for the customer to build "smart factory". From different lasers Laser Network can be connected to powerful remote monitoring and control system, and then to the Trumpf VOS Visual online platform, through constant pursuit of more intelligent, agile automated industrial management platform, enabling users to easily, system, real time, remote operation of the industrial production of information. For the automotive industry and the consumer electronics industry needs year-round, continuous production mode to 24/7 there is no Automation is critical to the industry.