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Shearing machine 9 troubleshooting methods

1 on the power indicator light, motor does not start.

The solution: power supply missing phase or primary virtual connection and the line of control. Repair and total power and control lines stop button.

2 skin with thin or thick. Knives high or low knife, knife slit with knife change is inconsistent, wood-male and female.

Solution: refer to adjusting knife height adjustable chart, adjust the tool joints and gears, replacing wood.

3 feeds on a normal rotary cut, when to stop.

Solution: (1) the feeding circuit of virtual connection (2) electromagnetic clutch slip, knife too high. (1) maintenance of feed line is virtual connection (2) wash with petrol or diesel clutch disk and adjust the blade height.

4 slabs after thick thin before. Knives, knife slit too small.

Solution: refer to adjustable, adjust the blade height and tool joints.

5 hit back when the limit switch is not automatically retract.

Solution: limit switch and retract control circuit. Replace limit switch and repair lines.

6 automatic retract when, after you hit the limit switch fails to stop always stop button does not work.

Solution: retract sintering without releasing the contact point. Grinding contact, replace the contactor.

7 skin cross sectional thickness is not uniform. Blade deflection, cutter gap is inconsistent.

Solution: again, so adjust the knives making sewing.8 connect error. Knives high or low, knife-slit with knife hanging round mismatch, male and female.

Solution: adjust the blade height, knife-slit with knife change, replace the wood.

9 wood shaft bomb shaft. Knife high feed pressure.

Solution: drop the knife, adjust the gear, knives making sewing.